The most effective, most efficient, and safest way to build muscle, lose fat, and hit your goals.
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With advancements in technology, we've made many aspects of our lives more efficient, but when it comes to fitness, we're still stuck with outdated equipment like dumbbells and free weights that haven't evolved much since prehistoric times. QuickHIT Fitness™ is here to change that by harnessing the power of robotic control to revolutionize resistance training. Our patented machines are engineered to make workouts both safer and more efficient, delivering the results you want in less time. Step into the future of fitness with QuickHIT and leave outdated methods behind.

Disrupting Fitness with AI-Assisted Research

At QuickHIT, we don't just follow the latest fitness trends - we pioneer them.  Unleash the power of our cutting-edge patented Robotically-Controlled Resistance™ technology and transform your body in just 20-30 minutes with whole body workouts, 1  to 3  times a week!  Our innovative approach leverages peer-reviewed science to deliver unparalleled strength gains and impressive fat loss through our thoroughly researched protocols, optimized with AI assistance based on data from over 3500 clients and 1 million exercises.

Revolutionize Your Workouts

QuickHIT's revolutionary technology is designed for anyone, from beginners to elite athletes, seeking to achieve their fitness goals. Our equipment provides efficient, customizable workouts that adapt to your unique needs and abilities, helping you push past your limits and reach new heights. With QuickHIT, you can experience the future of fitness and take your performance to the next level.

Lose Weight Smarter, Not Harder with QuickHIT

Are you tired of endless hours on the treadmill or sweating it out in the gym just to see little progress in your weight loss journey? Look no further than QuickHIT. Our innovative approach to fitness means you don't have to rely on long and sweaty cardio workouts to achieve your weight loss goals anymore.

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2.5x More Fat Loss

The proven QuickHIT protocol increases fat loss at more than twice the pace as traditional exercise, letting you see the results you want, faster.*

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3.5x Greater Cardiovascular Fitness

Optimize your heart and lungs more than 3x faster than any machine you’ll find at a gym.*


You Can’t Improve what You Can’t Measure

Our advanced technology keeps pace with your hard work, delivering detailed progress tracking and real-time insights on your performance. 

Safest Way to Build Muscle and Get Strong

QuickHIT uses a form of adaptive resistance called  Robotically Controlled Resistance™ to build muscle faster and more safely than traditional methods. By targeting specific muscles and enabling a full range of motion with minimal impact on joints and connective tissue, QuickHIT allows you to achieve your fitness goals in less time without compromising safety.

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90% Greater Strength Gains

Feel stronger than you ever have after experiencing TruForce™ Technology, boosting your physical strength faster and more efficiently than you could with even the most extensive weight set.*

2x Muscle Mass Gains

QuickHIT builds muscle mass twice as fast as traditional weights*

More Power Baby!

With an industry leading max force of over 2500 lbs of precision resistance measured using our TruForce™ system we provide exact levels of mechanical tension in all three phases of a muscular contraction: concentric (lifting), eccentric (lowering), and isometric (holding). With this unparalleled technology, you will safely and efficiently achieve maximum results, building lean muscle mass and pushing beyond your limits.

Move a Mountain

Unleash the power of isometric contractions to build strength and improve muscle tone by maximizing strength potential, activating all muscle fibers for a more intense workout, and achieving muscle fatigue and hypertrophy in less time. Since you're not moving, isometric training is an extremely safe exercise for anyone, whether you're a 90 year old grandmother or a world-class athlete.

You are Stronger than You Think

By measuring your TruForce™ we utilize AI-assisted biofeedback to provide you with a personalized training experience, helping you exceed your limits and achieve your goals.

Build RockSolid Bones

QuickHIT uses Isometric Osteogenic Loading to stimulate the same physiological processes that occur in response to high-impact activity. By applying high-force, short-duration loads to the bones, QuickHIT triggers the adaptation response known as Wolf's Law, which states that bones will adapt to the stressors placed upon them, leading to increased bone density and strength over time.

Stay Loose with Active Recovery

Unlock the Power of Rapid Recovery with QuickHIT's End Range Activation Training Utilizing Isometrics.  End Range Isometric Training (ERI) is a cutting-edge technique that helps athletes and individuals achieve their full potential.