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At QuickHIT, we believe that physical fitness is the foundation of a robust workforce. That's why we offer an inhouse fitness program that does not take up a ton of space nor break the bank to help your employees develop healthy habits that last a lifetime. Our team of experts is committed to supporting the wellbeing of your workforce, regardless of their age, fitness levels, or unique challenges. We help your employees set achievable goals and provide ongoing coaching, motivation, and celebration of their accomplishments.

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A Great First Step

Despite the popularity of traditional wellness programs that offer step counters, gym discounts, memberships, and insurance incentives, they have proven to be ineffective in addressing the growing health crisis in the US. The prevalence of obesity has increased from 30.5% to 41.9%, diabetes is on the rise, and life expectancy has fallen to 76 years. It's clear that a more comprehensive and effective approach to wellness is needed.

The 20-minute Perfect Workout

QuickHIT's Robotically-Controlled Resistance™ technology is the solution to achieving a perfect workout in just 20 minutes only 1-3x a week. The technology provides resistance to every muscle group and is safe and effective for all types of users. The QuickHIT Wellbeing Program, including access to the on-site machine, Nutritional Guidance, and Personalized Accountability, helps individuals achieve their health goals, making it an ideal solution for employers to promote a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.

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Fits in the Office - No Sweat

The best part is that each QuickHIT machine only requires 45 sqft of space, and most participants do NOT sweat, making it a convenient option for busy staff members. Users can even wear office attire while exercising, allowing them to fit their workout into their busy schedules without disruption.


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