Isometric Osteogenic Loading

QuickHIT's Isometric Osteogenic Loading (IOL) is a form of resistance training that prioritizes muscle fiber tension with constant joint angles. This isometric training approach has demonstrated positive impacts on muscle strength, endurance, and bone density. By stimulating the osteoblasts, the bone can deposit new tissue, resulting in an increase in bone density known as osteogenesis.

The Secret to Building Stronger Bones

Unlike traditional weightlifting methods, QuickHIT's IOL does not rely on gravity or momentum to create tension in muscles and bones. Instead, the IOL method uses an isometric contraction to generate the necessary tension, thereby reducing the risk of injury and minimizing the force placed on joints.

Research has found that isometric training can effectively increase bone mineral density and improve bone quality in postmenopausal women. Additionally, studies have demonstrated that isometric resistance training significantly improves bone density in healthy young adults.