During a QuickHIT workout, glycogen (sugar) in your muscle tissue is burned during the positive portion of a repetition. This is essential for losing fat as the more force your muscles have to produce, the more glycogen they use.

By burning large amounts of glycogen, your insulin sensitivity increases, and your blood sugar levels lower, which directly affects whether your body stores excess glycogen as fat or not. 

The cardiovascular system’s primary function is to pump blood and oxygen to your body's muscles. When your muscles have to produce a lot of force, they need a lot of this blood and oxygen, causing the cardiovascular system to work hard to keep up with this demand.

When you use QuickHIT, you expose your muscles to very high, but very safe levels of force, the muscles must handle this force which will cause the cardiovascular system to also increase its capacity to match the demand on your muscles.

In short, this means that when you perform high-intensity resistance exercise on QuickHIT, the end-result is that both your muscles and your cardiovascular system will need to improve to handle this new level of demand.

QuickHIT utilizes Robotically Controlled Resistance™, providing high-quality resistance that optimizes the stress signals required to develop new muscle mass. By perfectly loading your muscles during every moment of every set, QuickHIT offers one of the most effective forms of resistance exercise available. With QuickHIT, you can achieve superior muscle mass and strength gains compared to traditional resistance exercise tools like weights."

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