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Level up your Gym

As a strength coach, you understand the importance of preventing injury while improving athletic performance. That's why QuickHIT's cutting- edge technology is the solution you've been searching for. Our patented Robotically Controlled Resistance provides precise levels of mechanical tension during all three phases of a muscle contraction. Eccentric training has been proven to be a crucial aspect of injury prevention, particularly for ACL tears which are non-contact injuries related to a deficit in eccentric control during high-intensity activities like cutting, running, or jumping.

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Master the Eccentric

By incorporating QuickHIT's eccentric overload training into your routine, you can boost the elasticity of muscle fibers during the lengthening phase. Muscle fibers exhibit a spring-like characteristic due to heightened tension within them, resulting in an elastic force that acts like a spring and can store and release energy. When energy is released, the muscle fibers contract, generating force that can power movements like jumping, running, and throwing. The stiffer the muscle fibers, the greater the tension and the more pronounced the spring effect. This results in improved muscle elasticity and faster muscle contraction times, allowing for greater force production and improved athletic performance 

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Unleash Your Athletic Potential: The Power of Triphasic Training

Coach Cal Dietz introduced triphasic training, which has since garnered attention through numerous studies and articles. The research highlights triphasic training's effectiveness in boosting strength, power, and overall athletic performance. To perform triphasic training, you will need to incorporate exercises that target each of the three phases of muscle contraction. Our technology, including our patented Robotically Controlled ResistanceTM and cutting-edge TruForce measurement system, provides a comprehensive solution for performing triphasic training effectively and safely. 

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